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4 years ago

Not receiving verification code

I am super frustrated.  I have spent the entire evening trying to get a verification code.  I have an account with the department of health to receive a COVID vaccine as I am seeing COVID patients daily.  Unfortunately, I used my cox email as my contact.  All of my colleagues used their google accounts and are able to receive their verification code.  I believe that Cox is blocking this email.  I have tried to use a different email through google, and I am able to get a code but because my account is set up under a cox email and my email and code don't match, they will not let me proceed with scheduling.   I have a ticket that I submitted but it will be 1-2 days before it will be addressed!  Is there someone that can help me sooner?

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  • Does this happen through webmail as well? If you still need assistance, please send our team an email at Please include your first/last name, home address, the email address that these emails will be coming from, and a copy of an example email if possible.

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    cox is protecting you, must think the email is spam!!

    you can't go into settings to change preferences of how to contact??