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Cannot change wifi channel in Panoramic gateway.

I am logged in to as admin, I choose the network and press Edit which takes me to the page where the settings are but almost everything is greyed out - clicking does not have an effect.There is a Save Settings button at bottom of page but I can't change anything on the page.

My box is set for Automatic channel setting and channel 11 at this time - I cannot change Automatic to Manual either.

There is another network  nearby that uses channel 11 and has a higher signal strength than my wifi network! I get a lot of  pauses when using the Internet from my computer over WIFI and so I want to change the channel to help isolate the problem.

I am using the WIFI Analyzer android app to see all the networks in the area and the other network's SSID is HIDDEN.


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    Obvious question:  Do you need to rent a Panoramic?

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    Their Panoramic Wifi modem *** out loud.  I had one and had nothing but problems, 3 replacements and still had the same problem.  Finally downgraded to the next lowest model that supported Gigablast (What a joke that is) and got my own router.  Of course if you contact support, they always blame your router and tell you to fix it.  So be prepared for a fight with them.

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      when you add your own equipment, you're the tech support, not a cox issue at that point!!

  • I have noticed the same issue lately and I am not happy about it. My 2.4 keeps at Channel 1 where everyone and their mother is on. I have the new Panoramic Wifi gateway. I just called Cox and got that the new modems  are not allowing us to change them. I am not happy about that. I also found something on the web that said they are working to make our networks better, that is a lie I have had nothing but issues since not being able to change my channels in the gateway. I decided to come to the forum to see if anyone else is having issues. 

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      I'm truly sorry that you've had such a bad experience with us! I invite you to email, my team, at please include your full name, full address, and a link to this thread.

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