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2 months ago

Canceling internet

I’m thinking about canceling my internet service. I talked to customer support to see what i would have to return if i canceled. They said i would have to return everything, including the outside cable they installed connecting to the telephone wires (not sure what to call them) to the inside of my house to the router. A cox electrician installed that wire. I’m not touching it. But they said I’m supposed to return it. And they aren’t saying if they will send someone to disconnect it. What have you guys returned if you canceled the internet services?

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    That's ridiculous! If you return all that, then what is the next person going to use if they want Cox? I've never had to return outside wires and I've moved 3 times. Twice, they had to replace the wires, because they were just for cable TV, not for internet, so they had to install the internet wires. Once they had to upgrade the wires because the ones in the apartment were too old to work with the newer internet connections. Nobody ever told me I had to return wires. I returned my rented modem, and that was that. Never heard anything else about it. 

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      It literally seemed as if they had no idea what they were talking about. It was over chat, not the phone. I asked if they would send someone out to disconnect the outside wires if i wanted to cancel. Didn’t answer my question, only proceeded to ask if i wanted to cancel. I’m pretty sure i know what to return, but since they installed that wire, i just wanted to make sure.

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        Hi, Nick. The coaxial cord on the exterior of your residence leading to our tap is not to be returned. In fact, no coaxial cord is to be returned to us. I sincerely apologize for the misinformation and confusion. If there is any further guidance we can provide, please send an email to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We are glad to assist and clear up and confusion. 

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    The only thing you would need to return is the Cox owned equipment. If you are using a Cox Modem, it would need to be returned. As for telephone wires, there is no voltage to speak of that you should have to worry about, but they would stay in the wall.