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4 years ago

Bridge mode suddenly breaks router function

So I have been running my Panoramic Gateway in Bridge mode without any issues. I do not need or want the wifi from the modem. 2 nights ago, all my wireless network suddenly broke. No configuration changes on my end. They sent Tech out today, and the first thing I mentioned was the router was in bridge mode, and that I can get connectivity wired directly, but router is not getting anything.  He tested the router and declared it defective, and replaced it.  He told me I was free to re configure bridged mode, then left. My routed network was fine...UNTIL I enabled bridge mode, then it promptly broke same as before. 

Disable bridged mode, WORKS. Enable bridge mode....BROKEN.

So, what did COX change that is causing the DHCP issues reported by my router that prevents router from doing its thing? How to resolve this so I can get my network back up  (without the COX wifi!)?

Thank you!


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