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26 days ago

Bogus discount email?

My ACP benefit ended just like everyone else, so I joined the community assist deal for $30/month. Internet much slower of course. I received an email apparently from Cox today 6/28/24 and previously 6/12/24 same offer purporting to offer a $10 discount per month for one year, as way to help those of us who lost ACP benefits. I contacted Cox and they claim there is no such thing available.

When I look at the email sent it sure looks real, and it does not ask me for any information, or passwords, etc. Has anyone else seen this offer in your email? Or actually got what it promises?

I'm very confused...

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  • Hello mehere4u,


    I appreciate needing to remain connected to a plan that is affordable. For those who are wanting to see more about the low cost options, you may check here mehere4u, I'm sorry to hear when you called in to inquire about the offer that you were informed it was not real. We value your business and account security. Could you please email us at with your name, address, and forward the email as an attachment? We can help investigate this on your behalf.