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4 years ago

Blink System Not Working with Cox Wireless Correctly- Latency Issue?

I installed a BLINK camera system and have been troubleshooting it ever since installation.  The latest email from blink states the following:

"Thank you for your response to the verification PIN that I sent to your email address that associated with the Blink account that's for security purposes.
Please be advised that as per checking here regarding your connections right here were " Unstable connection for both inside and outside " and Please be advise your connection was merged to "ASUS" which is merge into 5Ghz please tell to ISP as well to have them separate the connections should be have a 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz should be separated.

Please call your Internet provider or "ISP" and they will check your " Latency" meaning "Network delay is a design and performance characteristic of a telecommunications network."

Apart from the broken English, I am somewhat confused as my router has Blink connected on 2.4Ghz. So, I don't understand the above email.  I've been trying to contact a human at Cox support for several days with no luck.  Anyone here have any ideas?

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  • Hello. It looks like Blink is saying that you cannot have a merged network. This means that both your 2.4 and 5g network will need to have separate names (ssid). You will want to check your router settings to make sure that it is configured properly to use Blink's camera system. Also, I have checked your modem from our side and I do not see any unusual latency/packed loss at this time. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.