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6 years ago

Bait and Switch

I have a rental property in Mesa, Arizona.  My renters wanted a cable package included, so I gave in and contacted Cox.  Initially I asked for a package rate advertised as 89.99, basic cable/internet (For lack of a better word as they will say, there is no "Basic" cable Mr. Campbell).  Whatever, so on the day of installation I called to check on everything.  I found out my "Basic" cable was only local channels, nothing "Cable" about it.  (They got me on a play of words).  I asked then to update to "Cable," from what I had initially asked for.  The lady was insistent I had to deal with her, not the installer, whom by the way was explained by my father overseeing the installation as "All over the place, like he was on drugs, and in an extreme hurry."  I had purchased an independent modem as I was not wanting to pay for the "Modem" they wanted to charge me for.  I added the "Phone" package, it was cheaper with the phone, as opposed to without the phone, didn't need it, but whatever.  I asked what my total bill would be when the lady informed me $127.30, inclusive of taxes for the first year, and the second year would be $147.30.  This was a two year agreement, cancellation would be pro-rated each month.  Sorry, the internet was 100 mb speeds, and 140 channels for cable, with two tv's connected.  

I have chatted with cox at least 4 times over this mess, and still nothing!  They credited a one time credit, but why if they were "Right?"  I was not "Told" about some panoramic box I needed to "Work the phone!"  That is a bunch of BS, getting me in, right!  I would have cancelled right away if I was in Arizona, trust  me, but my renters needed internet for their business purposes, and I was tired of dealing with finding a provider.  I can say, I will be cancelling services when I move there in June!  I own my own handyman business, and I will be sharing this story on my feeds, and in person!

I cannot get my chat logs to paste, its good for them I cannot!

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE WITH COX COMMUNICATIONS! They tell you one thing, and then do another.  

AND, if the conversations are recorded, why can they not find the conversation I am referencing?  BS!

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    I would say I'm suprised, but your situation is not uncommon at all. I wish some consumer advocate with name recognition would expose Cox for the dishonest, greedy, liars they are. 

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    Hello, we cannot apologize enough for the issues you've been having with our company, and we want to investigate this matter further and see what can be done to assist. Your business is important to us, and we'd be sad to see you leave the Cox family so soon. Would you mind sending this feedback over to our team at, to get started? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator