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2 years ago

Are you guys stupid or what ?

Do updates & maintenance around 10pm or so. So you don't mess with your customers day and you get less complaints from business and other customers. It's common sense. 

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    What is sad is all the people who come here to rant don't stick around to help others. They just post and disappear. 

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    Some maintenance needs to be done during the day time when there is light out.

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    Again, this is a forum where users help each other. Engaging in diatribes or rants won't influence Cox here. If you are looking for catharsis, I hope you feel better now. Speaking on behalf of myself, I'd say I have a tendency to behave foolishlishly but wouldn't describe myself as stupid.

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    The question's response is, It depends. Can you do ALL your maintenance after work, or do you need to do some during the day, say when, Doctor's offices are open, Parts houses are open, BANKS are open with people staffed, etc etc. Repairs, updates and maintenance, cannot always be done overnight, and Cox has to do some of these functions during daylight hours. so, Are YOU stupid, or what?  

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    The world operates on a 24hr a day shift, there are no good times to do it.

    A lot of people just get off work at 2am, 7am, you get the jest there is no right time.

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    It seems your "common sense" ain't so common.