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Anyone else feel that the customer service is the worst?

I had the worst experience with the customer service today. Last month my total bill increased by $20 from $231 to $258. I called and asked why and they told me that I had some promotions that were expiring. So the young lady that assisted me gave me some new promotions that lowered my bill to $212. I was so excited. Then when I got notification that my bill was due coming up my bill had gone up to $265. I called and asked why and the customer service representative told me I had additional promotions expire 2 days after my last months phone call. They looked all over my account and eventually hung up on me. I called back again and waited on hold for 12 min and they hung up on me again. I called a 3rd time and got a different agent who proceeded to tell me that the best they could do was lower my bill to $249. I was offered a pro rated offer for $212 for this month only but next month the bill would be $249. I declined asking to escalate this as I was promised last month a bill of $212. So they transferred me to a supervisor. Upon explaining to me that there was no way to lower my bill other than to reduce some services when I tried to remove a package with some channels they told me my bill would remain at $249. I asked to remove the phone and they told me my bill would go up because I am removing the bundle. I asked if this made sense and the agent became extremely condescending. I finally told her that I would accept the $249 bill but was not happy about it but that I would accept the offer for $212 for the prorated amount. She proceeds to tell me that this was a one time offer and because I declined it was no longer available. So be aware if you escalate your issues you essentially get charged a $37 fee. I find this company appalling in the way they deal with customer service. They do not seem to care if you want to leave due to this because they monopolize the market in my area. I am extremely frustrated and just want to know if others have received the same type of treatment. Thanks for reading.

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