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6 years ago

Another Twitch Stream thread.

I have been streaming to Twitch for the last several years with ZERO issues. Over the past two days i am not able to maintain a connection to Twitch servers at all. I have run multiple speed tests and spoken with multiple technicians who seem to have no idea on how to help me. I have tried resetting/restarting both my modem and my router about 347 times now and its doing absolutely nothing for my connection. Has anyone been able to come up with a REAL answer to this?

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  • Hi Bishopr92. Are you having an issue with the internet itself or just with Twitch? Are you wired or wirelessly connected? What kind of speeds are you getting? If you would like assistance, please email with this link and answers to these questions along with your name and complete address and we will be glad to assist you. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Sent a detailed reply to the email. I need an answer on this as soon as possible.

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        Hi Bishopr92, your modem is reporting poor signal levels and consistent packet loss. Are there any splitters on the coax connection to your modem? If so, you can replace or temporarily bypass the splitter, connect the modem directly to the coax on the cable outlet, and then reset your modem. If your connectivity issues improve, and new splitter might be all you need. If there is no noticeable improvement, the issue may be outside your house in our equipment, and a service call may be needed. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Try utilizing Ping Plotter - 

    The program will run in the background and capture data tied to packet loss.  It will graph it automatically and can export the data very easily.  Be sure to be hard wired to your router/modem when testing to avoid other culprits of packet loss (wifi/etc).

    I've had the same issue due to infrastructure problems in Phoenix, AZ for well over four months now.  Packet loss between 5 and 30%, making streaming - and essentially everything else on the internet - unusable.  

    I was able to obtain data related to my packet loss by using Ping Plotter.  Really easy to use.  I would suggest changing the way Ping Plotter works by doing the following:

    In Ping Plotter, you can adjust the trace route protocol.  Try switching from normal "ping" requests to UDP packets.

    This can be found under "Edit" --> "Options" --> "Packet" - change the "Packet Type" option to "UDP Packets".  

    I've had 13 in home technician visits since my service started here in Phoenix, had the in home technicians confirm the problem to be infrastructure outside of my home, and I'm still being told when I call that an in home tech needs to come out for a 14th visit.  Don't let Cox loop you into this type of service - have data available to show the problem is on their end.  

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      I have multiple screenshots of Tracerts and ping requests to the servers and have no issue sharing them with Cox, However im 99% sure it comes down to the data usage. My cycle resets on the 6th and im willing to bet everything magically goes away. 

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        This is highly unlikely. This is due to packet loss on the upload side of your connection and will almost certainly be present for the foreseeable future. If you have another ISP do yourself a favor and bail. I fought this same issue for months and they did nothing but make excuses for a systemic issue they're well aware of. Good luck!