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4 years ago

Adding ethernet connection in my basement office

I have Cox panoramic wireless modem in the main floor of our home.  I have a solid wifi signal in my basement office from it, BUT, for some heavy lifting over the internet, it is reommended that I use an ehternet connection.   I noted that the wireless modem has an ougoing ethernet port, and I have a cable, but hoping there might be a simpler 

way to get the ethernet port available in my basement without running a 100 foot ethernet cable down there   (going through the wall/floor -- etc. 


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    heavy lifting over the internet

    You mean:  for heavy lifting over your LAN, use a wired connection.  Wires are more secure, dependable and less prone to interference.

    Do you do "heavy lifting" in your office?  If so, does it seem fast enough?  If you successfully do heavy lifting over a wireless connection from your office, I'd forgo the wired recommendation.

    You considering a solution for a nonexistent problem.

  • Hi, An ethernet connection is going to be more reliable and offer faster speeds than wireless. I do not know of any other way to achieve this with ot a line ran to the room where you need the internet connection. and i would not recommend moving the modem to the basement. this could cause wireless issues in the rest of the home.

    Greg P
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