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2 years ago

8 days this incompetent company still cannot fix internet network outage- Sand Springs OK

Cox started out Lying stating it would be fixed by 1:01AM, they did that 3 days in a row, now they just say it will be fixed SOON.

It has been 8+ days without service and nobody at the company seems to have a clue what is going on.  I am sick and tired of their excuses and lies and apologies!


My kids can't do their homework, I cannot work, I have a sick kid at home, forget about him going stir crazy, I cant even go to my office with him home and thus this outage is costing me lost days of work as well..!!!

Hot spots are not just slow, they run out of data!  - and I cant upgrade my cell data plan temporarily without losing my grandfathered in plan permanently.  Cox says they will compensate for # days down.. Big Fvckn laddee-dah!!!  $2 day is not worth the thousands I am losing over this!!!  and they insult me with a $2/day credit offer!? WTF!?!?

I have contacted them 3 times and nobody seems to know what is wrong or when it will be fixed.  Total incompetence and negligence on their end!

AT&T just installed fiber on my block and are offering a better plan, cheaper with no equipment costs, I am about to switch to them, never had issues with AT&T in the past, I wish they had service here when I first moved, so glad they are an option now because Cox has a bunch of Morons working on this problem!

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    Don't know what's happening in your area, BUT, I have a Verizon Cell plan with unlimited data and if necessary with my 5g I can turn it into a hotspot and run several devices at home on the internet. I think it's 45 a month. As for people lying, I don't think they are intentionally being dishonest. Sometimes what appears to be a simple repair doesn't turn out to be as simple, and requires time to fix. Maybe someone on the Social media team here can provide you some information about what's happening. 

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    How have you been reporting the issue?  If you're calling Cox and just venting to the person you eventually reach, you may not get the best results.  Has Cox stated that there is an outage?  You can sign into your Cox account and check for outages in your area.    

    If there is no reported outage, you may want to schedule a tech visit to have your signal tested.  If the issue is on Cox's side of the box where your drop line connects to your house cables, the tech will notify Cox to schedule a line tech to make repairs at no cost to you.  Otherwise, Cox may charge you for the tech visit.  But, if it's been 8 days, what you're doing now isn't working.

    In the meantime. if you know a neighbor with a drop line that connects to the Cox main line at the same place as yours, ask them if they're having Internet issues.  If there's a cox main line issue, your neighbor will have issues too.  Ask them to report it.  Cox will escalate problem resolution if enough reports are received.

    You can also contact 

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    I would recommend you sign up with AT&T and also keep Cox for a while. Eack backups the other.