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6 months ago

6 months of issues

I've been having issues for 6 months. Had 12 techs out here. Finally solved and today my neighbor and I have no TV or internet service.  What does CS say? Sorry for inconvenience. Thank you for being loyal customer etc. But I can't get a tech until Wednesday!?!? Unacceptable! Pay waaaay too much for a service I'm not getting.  Lost 2 1/2 days of work this week alone. Can anyone help me get a tech tomorrow!? 1/30

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    Sorry to hear about your issues.  Contact and provide your full name, service address and a link to this forum discussion.

    Since your neighbor is also affected, it sounds like a tech disconnected your tap from the main line or disconnected both drop lines from the tap, unless your neighborhood is currently experiencing an outage.  For future reference, it's a good idea to test all Cox services while the tech is still there.

    You said "Finally solved".  What was solved?