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4 years ago

2 Weeks of Fort Hunt Area Service Intermittent

Hi, there's been a rash of postings in Nextdoor from customers experiencing short drop-out many times a day for about 2 weeks. Just like I've been experiencing too. Collingwood Springs, Hollin Hall, Fort Hunt Stratford, Bucknell Manor and Riverside Estates reporting so far. Reports are that phone tech support has been scattershot (though generous with partial refunds). I like to think (hope) the calls are somehow being aggregated and resulting in some form of escalation.

It seems like more than a nodes and last-run lines problem. I ran a smokeping test and got a perfect result - no service drop-outs at all. BUT, during the test I had the service problem a few times. Randomly websites don't load. Even though the website does respond to pings and isn't' down according to down detectors. While this is going on, other sites are working fine. I've tried switching to different DNS and still get this problem occurring. Rebooting modem and routers doesn't resolve this.

What is going on here, and when can we stop having this problem?

It's been a couple weeks now and, as you can imagine the community is getting annoyed!


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    I checked the modem from this end and so far I'm not seeing any indication of connection issues as far as I can tell. I'd suggest for starters trying to connect directly to the modem and see if the issues persist. If you have any trace routes or pingplotter results they may also be useful trying to understand the problem further.