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2 years ago

Intermittent Service

I too have been dealing with constant intermittent service since we moved to this area and ditched cable and stream our channels.  I kept internet and went wireless but for the past 7 months service is intermittent on a daily basis.  We've switched to the top modem, talked into upgrading speed and adding care, spoke with a dozen or more reps that do the same troubleshooting, three techs have been out and all three have said something different and each end up saying they've solved the issue and there should be no more problems but the internet continues to go down consistently sometimes even totally disconnecting itself and we have to reconnect.   We've considered switching providers but no one offers higher speeds beyond 50 or Fiber in this area yet.  Any advice?  Is dish any better?  Getting tired of paying for services we're not getting.

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    First the basics. What model modem and router do you have(for reference)? Also, do you have any wired(ethernet) PC's to troubleshoot with? If so, are they effected when the wireless goes down?

    As for changing providers, Dish may be able to compete with Cox for TV service, but for internet it is no contest. Cable(HFC) beats Satellite hands down, in both latency, speed and NAT. Starlink is better then the other Satellite providers but can compete with Cox most basic package. Fiber is the future, and if you can get it, go with that.

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    If you're streaming, make sure you are connected with ethernet. Remember Wifi, both 2.4 and 5ghz is shared with microwave ovens, bluetooth devices, baby monitors, wireless keyboard and mice, game controllers, radio controlled toys, garage door openers and everyone else using wifi, including their security cameras, ring doorbells, etc etc. That's a LOT of noise taking place on the wireless frequencies, so any time you can connect via ethernet, do it! If the router is on another floor, look into powerline adapters. I used a dual style with both ethernet and wifi, so that my tv upstairs is connected via ethernet, and the wifi is setup as mesh using the same ssid and wpa key as the wifi router, so my other devices, cell phones, laptops, tablets and such connect to the best wifi, whether upstairs or downstairs, 

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      Microwaves don't use wifi. Unless you have a screen on it like refrigerators have. Garage door openers don't either. It's infrared tech like your remotes that's been around before wifi.