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13 days ago

1000 mbps to 7mbps

My internet is so spotty. Every thing keeps buffering. No help from cox. They said in order for someone to help i have to subscribe to their care package. Its been like this for two days. I’ve restarted my equipment multiple times, itll pick back up for two minutes then drop again. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Gotero90,



    I'm sorry you've been having this experience. I'd like to look into this for you. Please send an email to with your service address. Please reference this thread. We're happy to help.


    Thank you.

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    What they are saying is that if you request a technician, the Cox Complete Care covers the cost of repairs from the box on the side of the home -in. From COX, to the box itself is Cox's responsibility, and there would be no charge for repairs if the issue is up to the box. From that point, the splitter, cables in the homes, wall plates, etc etc, is the homeowners responsibility and if that's what they have to repair, you would either be charged for it, OR if you have the Cox Complete Care, it would take care of the charges. The NEAT thing is, you can request a technician, and IF you find out the work entails fixinf your home wiring, you can ask the technician to add Cox Complete Care to your account, and cover it that way.