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3 years ago

10-15 drops a day. No solutions

I came to this forum for some solutions. Found only fellow sufferers.  Shame on Cox charging hundreds of dollars a month for a product that drops dozens of times a day. You contact them and their master plan is to reboot. Wow, like I haven't done that a thousand times. So they send a tech and kindly charge you $75 dollars to tell you its your fault. If its my fault why is it a problem to so many other cox users, including my wife's private school? It dropped while typing this post, BTW.

I am asking, no begging, for a solution to this problem. We are desperate.

Tom in Vegas

P.S. Is there a way to track the signal before it gets to my cable modem?

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    I can SO relate to this and your frustration.  We've had regular dropouts for about a month now.  It might have started when I increased our speeds, but I neglected to log the issues.  I'm doing that now.  Just had a tech out who at least seemed to know what he was doing.  Things were solid for about an hour.  I'm wondering if their system is overloaded and it's a congestion problem.  In theory the outside hardware was updated.  So far it's slightly better. 

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      I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing intermittent connections. I know how important it is to stay connected, so I can understand your frustration. When the technician was out they should have run some tests to check the node for congestion and if found they would have submitted a ticket t our maintenance team. I'd be happy to check simply email my team your full name, complete address, and the URL to this thread. Sent this information to

      Jonathan J
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