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6 years ago

1 TB cap overage charges

I can understand the charge for going over your terabyte limit ,what I cannot understand is with the extra 50 gig that they sell you for $10,regardless if you only use 1gb or 49 gb  you still get charged $10 extra. I think you should be able to carryover any unused  portion of that extra 50 GB that you are getting charged for to the next month. Otherwise they should break it down into smaller increments.  I have tried to talk to someone on the phone about this but cannot get anywhere with customer service . Sorry I just had to vent.

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    My last bill had an extra ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR charge for going over. I didn't even know there was a data cap. I didn't get a call, I didn't get JACK SQUAT. Unlimited data costs FIFTY FREAKING EXTRA DOLLARS. Gee, thanks for charging me 100 bucks instead of 50 cox, I've only been a customer of yours for a freaking century. I freaking hate Cox. I HATE THEM.

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      Publically call them out on Twitter, likely they will give you a one time credit for your overage.

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    "Whatever tomorrow's technology, Cox will be ready with Data Caps!"

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    lol - Cox

    Seriously though, if you think you going to go over, just get the unlimited data plan.

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    Even so, to think that they believe it's fair to charge $10 for 50GB is the real slap to the face. I could download a modern video game that costs $10 and is $50GB in size (probably cost tens of millions to produce, some more than $100+ million), do you believe that Cox deserves the same amount of money just to serve it to you? They sure do. I believe South Park paints the best picture of Cox with their depiction of the cable companies in general.