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Homelife app says “No media. There is no media recorded on the selected date” in the Overview section

Recently my Homelife app does not list any videos in the Overview section. All camera screens on both the iPhone and iPad apps say “No media. There is no media recorded on the selected date”. Updating the list using any controls on that screen (moving around with the previous / next day buttons to change the date or selecting a specific date using the calendar) has the same result. There IS actually media being properly recorded, it is just not listed on this screen. If you click on the Activity section it shows entries which can be properly filtered and includes video clips which can be played with no problems. The date navigation controls all work properly from this section.

The problem is only related to listing recorded media from one section within both of the applications. I have not tested the web page on a computer.

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  • Hi Adigiand, thanks for your post! The Cox Homelife team has been investigating this issue for several days. The is no estimated time of repair, but please know we are working to restore full functionality as quickly as possible. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Resurrecting the thread to ask if this is still being investigated?  My cameras quit reliably detecting motion on Aug 31st.  I recently realized my motion sensor has not been functioning in the last 30 days.

      If I put the motion sensor in test mode I can trigger motion (light for from Amber to red).

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        The original issue has been resolved already. It sounds like you are experiencing something specific to just your system. I would recommend speaking with our homelife team at 1-855-446-5970.

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