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2 months ago

Access not supported in panoramic wifi app

Good evening,  

I hope that someone can help. We had fiber installed about 3 weeks to a month ago.  With that they also installed a new modem(not needed, but ok) it's a CGM4140COM. Prior to this we were able to access our wifi settings and alerts on the panoramic wifi app.  Since this was installed all we get is an "Access not supported " message when we try to get in. So we are currently stuck with the default wifi name and password, and can't make any changes. We have tried chat support numerous times and they cannot get in to change our wifi either, and none of their troubleshooting has been productive. We are planning to call also and see if a live tech can be of any assistance.  But wanted to check if anyone has anything else to try, or another clue. 

Thank you!

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  • Hello, I am very sorry you have not had the best experience with Cox. I understand how important communication and reliable service is. We value your business, and I would be happy to help. Please email us your “full” name, “complete” address, and a copy of your post to for further assistance. Thank you!