Ax061aei Cable Box/DVR

Have two new cable box/DVR's. Very small; about 4 inches square. Main box kept future programs which I had recorded off the previous larger box, although those programs which I had saved are gone. Second box: did not save any future programs. Nothing shown under "Saved" > "Recordings" > "Scheduled", although all future recordings are shown on the main box. Both boxes the same. I tried to record a show which is already scheduled on the main box but it will not allow me to do so. It DOES allow me to records shows which are NOT scheduled to record on the main box: BUT it will not show them as future recordings. Plus, one scheduled recording which just completed was NOT listed under "Saved"/"recording". Anyone understand what I am trying to say? Second box works well but will not display future recordings or allow me to put the red dot next to those shows, but will let me record other shows but, again, not showing up under "scheduled".