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MLB Network

What happened to mlb network? It just shut down. WTH? I pay a lot of money for services. My monthly bill is in excess of $330. I've had continuous problems with your service. When I try and call customer service. I'm talking to someone who is either at home or doesn't even live in Arizona. Let alone, Tucson? Your company has been losing customers because of streaming services. You would think that your company would be falling over themselves trying to keep the customers? Bad business!! 

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  • I am not sure Cox dropped them, but the news is Youtube TV sure did.

    As for where reps are from, Cox is a national company. Do you really think they would have call centers in every town they service? They are the 3rd biggest ISP in the US. I think there are 3-5 main call centers, which are located across the US. One for East Coast, one for West Coast, one for Central, etc.

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