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New Contour remote question

I have the newer Contour remote that have much fewer buttons than older Contour remote. On this newer remote how do I go back a few seconds when I fast forward too far? Also how do I read a program description if it is too long to be shown in the small space? I really don’t like this remote!!

  • When you got the new remote, did you also change from Cox TV to Contour?  The seven second skip back and the "Guide Animation" setting, to read long program descriptions, are both features of Cox TV that may not be available with Contour.  But, for either Cox TV or Contour, the ability to view long program descriptions would be controlled by a setting.  Your cable box remote would provide the ability to navigate to that setting.

    If you have Cox TV, this will enable "Guide Animation" to scroll long program descriptions.

    Settings > Guide Options > Other Settings > Guide Animation > On

  • Cox TV

    Is this the Mini Box?

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