Upgraded to Tivo Edge M-card issues on Cox servers

Our last TiVo finally bit the dust and we ended up getting a Tivo edge. I called into tech support to move the m-card over to the new Tivo and was told it would take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours for everything to show, no problem easy call.  One day later only channels 2-11 and the PBS stations are showing up, did a chat session with cox tech we went through the script- nothing worked.  I tried to tell them what happened last time we had this problem a year and half ago, six techs come out, ended up calling Atlanta and it ended up being the data and id numbers are not the same as what is in the Cox system. Long story short after the forth customer service chat got a tech to come out.  He didn't even hook anything up, I told what happened last time he immediately called tech support read the numbers and sure enough they were different.  They changed them and bam all channels like it should be for 10 minutes enough time for him to leave.  Now I am in the same situation error "call cable company" V58 error on almost all channels.  Chatted with tech support and she would not listen, just kept reading from the script so we went through the whole thing then she went silent.  Frustrated at this point, I started another chat session went started to go through the script again and I said just schedule a tech which after some more questions they did.  We will see in a couple of days since they don't have an opening until then.