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Call from "Cox Service"

Just completed a call from a representative about upgrading the software on my Contour DVR because it is incompatible with some new service. The call came in on 412-256-3820 and identified as potential spam by Verizon. They said our DVR was not compatible with some new service and needed a software upgrade. We were transferred to tech support and he told us for a $199 security deposit they could give us this $1700 upgrade and reduce our bill by $25 per month. It got way too weird after that and we hung up. My question is there any "upgrade" available that you are contacting people by phone to implement? Was this call legitimate or just another scam?

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  • Hello Jim49,

    It sounds to me like this may have been a phishing call. I am not aware pf any phasing out process that we have implemented that would require you to upgrade the service or equipment.

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