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Program listed on the guide is not what is being broadcast.

For WEEKS now we have had this problem. I have done live chat several times and all anyone does is reset the receiver. I can't see how this could possibly be a receiver issue, this is a broadcasting problem. They wanted to send a tech out, how in the world is a tech going to fix a broadcast problem?

MYTV Channel 1012 , or channel 12 -  it doesn't matter what it SAYS is on, what is really being broadcast are programs/network STADIUM

CW Channel 1006  - or channel 06 - it doesn't matter what it SAYS is on, what is REALLY being broadcast are programs/network COMET

it also doesn't matter what day or time, they do not match. 

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  • It reads like your local affiliates (channels 6 & 12) have changed networks from, respectively, CW to COMET and MYTV to STADIUM.  A couple weeks seems like a long time for this oversight, especially for 2 networks; however, both changes have Cox in common, so...

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