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TV not easily turned on when input is fr. Contour.

Contour to  Sony smart TV via hdmi, the to soundbar. Many mornings, when I turn on the TV, nothing turns on until I pull the plug and replug. Today, I got the Contour 'welcome' screen when i finally was able to get the TV on. However, the internet worked fine. Problem likely with Contour v. TV?

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  • Prob. not both remotes failing at the same time.

    I agree,  It reads like a problem with the TV but on even the oldest TV sets, IR sensors don't normally deteriorate.  I suppose, like any other gizmo, sensors could wear out but I've never experienced it.  Unless, of course, the TV recently took a good knocking.

    If the Sony remote is also hit-or-miss, it appears to be the TV; however, if you recently changed something, light could be interfering with the remotes.

    How long has this been happening?  Is this a new setup?

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