DVR acting same as On Demand content (FF and REW) functions...

First off, this is a newer issue. First noticed while playing recorded content from DVR, and fast forward past a set of commercials, when done fast forwarding, it resets back to same time stamp where I left off forcing me to watch the commercials. Annoying, to say the least. So I watch the commercials and continue watching the show, when I get to the next set of commercials I fast forward again, (habit) and this *** thing resets me back not to that set of commercials, but all the way back to the first set. 30 freaking minutes, now if I attempt to fast forward it just resets me back over and over again. This has happen for Below Deck, and now Resident Alien. I have “unplugged” my device and reset it, I have all the current state of the art boxes and gateway and everything is reset, so let’s just skip the usual blanket dum dum help responses...

I want someone to admit what you are doing, take ownership of the fact, you have changed the DVR content features, and are forcing everyone to watch the commercials, if not for all recorded content, for sure you are doing it for some. How do you ever expect customer retention when your sneaky fatherless policies do this? Not to mention, the constant creep up on the bill.  We record the content so we don’t have to watch the commercials (news flash) and if you sell a product or service that has certain functionality, then change it without notice, that is deceptive and wrong. 

And to be perfectly clear, this is not On Demand content, this is DVR content recorded via the guide. And furthermore it is not labeled that “some features like ff may not function” like the On Demand content states.

And lastly the most annoying part of this, is that you coded the DVR to function like this and your coder monkeys made a mistake, because instead of just disabling fast forward, it resets you back to the first commercial stop no matter how many times you’ve ALREADY WATCHED THAT SET OF COMMERCIALS.



Soon to be an ex Cox customer for life!