Contour1 box recordings skip/pixilate and lock system

There have been many posts to this issue that are LOCKED so its not a new problem it seems.  Is there any solution?  I am on my third box since July (Now Nov) and the issue remains.  Recorded shows, skip, pixillate and even lock the box completely so I have to unplug and reset the box.  Calls to Cox say..usual..unplug and get a new box or even some suggested to get a BETTER and of course more expensive box like the contour 2 box..If Cox offers this Contour 1 6 recording box it should work...  For what we pay I should not have to get a new box so often ,  It seems live tv is ok at this time but our lifestlyle is to record..thats why we pay for a recorder..

Is Cox addressing this issue?