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I cannot insert a Image, that uses copy/paste or other clipboard tools, into this Forum's Reply Box

edited...sorry, this ? should have been pasted under Internet!

I've asked this question in some of my replies, but thought I wanted to create a single new post. When I try to insert an image that I get by copy/paste or using the Win Snip tool to copy a screen image to the clipboard, the Paste function does not work...I get a blank insert.

- I can highlight Text and mouse copy/paste but I cannot use the snipping tool or any other Window browser screen capture programs(Nimbus) to capture Text and then paste the image to clipboard and paste

- I use Win10 (ver1903, build 18362.418), Firefox (v70.0.1).  I have tried Chrome (v78.0.3904.87 just updated today), Edge (v44.18362.387.0) and they all fail when I go and try to insert into the Reply box or into the Description of "ask a question". I link to "" from all browsers, and login to my ID.

-I've sent help.cox emails, and was told "Thank you for reaching out to us. Thank you for all this info. I apologize for the trouble. It appears this is not a full functioning feature at the moment. I'm going to send this to our product development team. I apologize, I don't have any kind of timeframe for a change on this.  This was an Oct26 reply.

A reply from KevinM previously asked "When you click on "insert," under "Insert image/video/file," do you see "File Upload" under the "From" portion of the window that pops up? -Kevin M. Cox

KevinM, when I click Insert, then the Insert image/video/file...I only see Web (URL) and Community (search).  I do not see "File Upload"..  i do also see URL box and dimension 320x240 plus the reply box. 

My purpose here is to find out if other users are having similar problems, and where in the country are you.  I'm in SoCal.  So is there anyone else out there having this issue of not being able to paste an image into the Forum Reply Box?  I see so many of you that don't have this issue....Maybe there is a setting's option that I don't see or something wrong with my version from Cox!

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