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Football in Spanish again. This is ridiculous!

Both games, channels 11 and 12. Tried everything SAP on and off. Reboot. Called COX. No solution!

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  • My mini box is not affected

    1. @ gtr_sb How are you watching when the audio is Spanish?  Is it with a Contour 1 receiver, Contour 2 receiver, Contour website, Contour app, or some combination?

    2. If you're watching on TV, did you verify SAP is OFF for both your receiver and TV?  

    3. If you're watching on the Contour website:

    a) have you tried signing OFF and then back ON?

    b) what browser are you using?

    c) have you tried clearing site data?

    4. Is the audio in Spanish when SAP is ON and when SAP is OFF?

    everyone is in the same area that is having the issue

    5. Just to verify what you meant, are you saying you know of others outside of your household in your neighborhood that are experiencing this same issue?

    6. What Cox market are you in?  Where are you?  If users reporting this issue will provide their location, it will help determine if the issue is isolated to a specific Cox market.