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RDK-03033 Error....want it fixed or give me back my old receiver. This is unacceptable.

I am joining the long list of Cox customers who “upgraded” to new Contour 2 receivers. Immediately I started suffering from the RDK-03033 error. Of course I checked all connections repeatedly and have suffered through too many restarts to count. Add to that at least four separate remote sessions with Cox to try to diagnose and fix problem. The last session took more that two hours and no resolution was received. When I asked if a technician could please be scheduled to come out and personally diagnose the problem, I was told to be prepared to pay a $75 installation service fee.

At no point was I ever told this is a common problem with no known resolution. I’m finding out that this is happening A LOT. Someone please tell me why I am paying $200  a month for the aggravation of having to endure a 15-minute reboot process every time I want to change the channel???

I’m fed up and looking for a solution. Rabbit ears are looking pretty attractive at this point. What’s the answer Cox?

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