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ACC network and streaming..

The acc network is up on my tv but when I try to stream on espn app thru ipad or iphone I cannot and see this error message ---> * acc network and acc network extra currently unavailable within espn app. Our team is working diligently with your 'tv provider' to enable access. Please check back for updates and in meantime you can enjoy acc network on tv.*

I truly hate this acc network and the powers than be behind it and would give anything to go back to just espn3 I was hoping to see soccer and volleyball today but no such luck. They are not on TV and can only be streamed

Any updates would be appreciated from Cox..

  • I'm delighted that Cox has added the ACC Network to its cable lineup.  Unfortunately, however,  I am no longer able to access ACC Network Extra via the ESPN app, either using Fire TV or iPad/iPhone.  Games appear on the ACCNX menu, but when I click I get a message saying that games are not available on the ESPN app, but that ESPN is "working diligently" with my provider to give me access to this service.  Am I doing something wrong, or is this previously available service no longer available/

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