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5 years ago

Acc network

So the ACC Network starts at 7pm eastern. I don’t care to much about today or next few days. However please have the channel by August 31. That’s when games I want to watch will only be available on the acc network. If it’s not available on the 31 I will be leaving cox cable and getting something that offers the ACC Network. 

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    Cox is actively negotiating with ESPN for the ACC Network. •Many ACC games will be broadcast on ABC, CBS, and ESPN. Check local listings for availability.

    Jonathan J
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      Yeah that might be true but the Hokies first game is only on the acc network. I won’t miss that game so if it’s not available I will be getting a new provider 

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      You all need to make this happen. The ACC network should be an option just like the SEC network the big ten network the pac 12 network and the longhorn network. As the mother of an ACC athlete this is the one channel I really want. Please get this done ASAP I don’t want to have to switch providers. 

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      If Cox waits and does not gets this done is only going to get more expensive to make a deal. This is definitely going to be the case once NCAA Basketball starts. Football + Basketball will be happening at the same time this fall, and people will seek alternatives to watch their teams. Tell management to stop stepping over dollar bills to pick up pennies. Nothing will cost more than customers leaving...nothing.