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Cox Advanced TV no lineup only contour doesn't match (Phoenix)

I just had a 2011 Tivo Romeo 4XL go out (bad drive) and replaced with latest Bolt+ But have to redo all my zillions of selected programs to record and set up channels available. And I lost about 100 saved recorded programs you cannot recover :(

When I go to my bill under it says "see channel selections". Which takes me to a guide with 5 choices, none of which are for advanced TV but are all Contour. In my account, it says it has 140 choices (plus I have a bunch of premium channels).

I use none of the SD channels only those above 1000 and been with cox for over 20 years. The Contour listing that says 140 channels has none of the 1000 ranges. I simply need a current list of what channels I can get to set up so have in guide menu etc. I called Cox (all 4 support numbers were down as well as chat during the big Phoenix outage) but then their phones were back up. Support said advanced TV was the same as 140 on Contour. But then found none of my 1000 range channels are on the list (1036, 1063, 1062 I record daily and many others).

Maybe Cox Advanced TV is the same as Contour Ultimate.but nothing seems to match. I have googled extensively and all the cox pages and others that come up with Cox Advanced TV are just all about Contour.

All I want is a channel list of what my package includes :)