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Contour record 6 DVR stuck in welcome screen

Today my DVR would not display any channels. I reset and since than it has been stuck on the "welcome. Bienvenido. Bienvenue." Screen. I have chatted with tech support who could not even get it to reboot. I manually unplugged and it then got stuck in boot for an hour. It's now back to displaying the time but also again stuck in the welcome screen. Cox advised me I could swap it at a store or have a tech come out. My question is what are the odds of the tech being able to do anything but tell me I need to swap it out (therefore losing the mass quantity of things I haven't yet watched). I don't want to waste the price of a service call to have then do something I can do myself at a store 3 miles away. 

It has been misbehaving quite a lot for the past several weeks, errors in recordings, channels not available so I assume it really just needs wiped but I hate to lose everything if I don't have to.

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