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Phone Phishing Scam? Pretty sure

This is the 2nd call in the last 30 days from what obviously seems to be a questionable call center in another country initiating a call concerning "problems" with my internet connection. The ID spoofs "Cox Solutions S" and they are even using a phone number spoof of a retail Cox location in Rhode Island. Interesting that a retail Cox location in another state over 1000 miles from here is catching internet connections "errors" on my connection alone.

Spoofed number: 1-401-830-5400

For the record, my internet works fine 100% of the time no drops, no errors, no connection problems.

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  • I knew this STIR/SHAKEN program wouldn't work because people are forgetting about the "V" code.  The FCC should have required flagging unverifiable numbers...not good ones.  If I saw a weird code preceding a Caller ID name...such as "[U]"'d get my attention.  I never see the "V" so have forgotten all about it.  The gov't only punishes or changes people or things not violating anything.

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