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Dropped Calls

Calls on my landline have been dropping calls for the last month. I have tried tech support with no help. Tried new phones, rebooting modem and nothing helps. A tech was sent out to replace modem and when I explained problem he said many customers are having this problem, it is a glitch in the modems software, and even replacing with new will not help as the glitch is in there as well, and no idea when it will be fixed.  I am so upset that I do not have a reliable land line. Can the moderator shed on this problem?

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  • I'm writing on behalf of my elderly mother who has dementia.  When I call her COX dsl landline (which is directly connected to her modem), I run into the issue that she picks up, says hello, and a few seconds later the call disconnects.  This is extremely frustrating and puts my mother at risk.  She is in an assisted living facility and I can't get in to fix the problem.  Can a technician please go to help her!

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