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They can hear me but I cannot hear them

Similar to other posts I am having the problem of people hearing me but I cannot hear them. I have contacted Cox chat and they were unable to resolve and of course multiple modem reboots did not do the trick. This sounds like from other posts to be an external issue outside the bldg. Cox Service techs are not allowed inside the bldg to due to Covid19. Thoughts?  Really need help on this as I do rely on my land line.

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  • We have that same problem!  Every 8 minutes or so, line gets disconnected!  We only have the land line to call Europe.  Our parents are old and do not have/want to use VOIP etc..

    We have had Cox look at things, but nothing can be done........, unless we get some kind of new modem and our neighborhood is not set up for that yet.....WEIRD!

    I am now trying the chat online thing, but NOTHING.  No one answers!

    I have no problems with Cox and other services are working good, but this landline phone thing has to be fixed!

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