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They can hear me but I cannot hear them

Similar to other posts I am having the problem of people hearing me but I cannot hear them. I have contacted Cox chat and they were unable to resolve and of course multiple modem reboots did not do the trick. This sounds like from other posts to be an external issue outside the bldg. Cox Service techs are not allowed inside the bldg to due to Covid19. Thoughts?  Really need help on this as I do rely on my land line.

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  • Hello Ecnav,

    It is true that we're not able to have technicians enter the home during the current pandemic restrictions. Has the Telephony Modem been swapped out to see if this addresses the issue you're experiencing? There are a couple options to swap equipment. One option is having a replacement mailed, though there has been an increase in shipments and that has caused a 7-10 day delay in shipping. Another way to swap equipment is to have the account holder bring in the Telephony Modem to a Cox Solution Store and swap it that way. Cox Stores are still open but have changed hours and are closed weekends. The hours of operation are Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    If you need assistance, then please email our 24/7 support at and please include your account information (first and last name and address) and a link to this forum.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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