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They can hear me but I can't hear them!

I see that there is a locked unresolved  discussion entitled "I can hear them but they can't hear me"

My problem has been randomly  happening for over a month now.  I called COX and they could find nothing wrong, a technician came and he couldn't find anything wrong either but decided to swap out the modem. It is still happening.   I work from home and am on the phone for a living, this is pretty important. I use a wired headset.  It still happens when I use the handset.  Doesn't that rule out the phone itself being an issue and the same for the headset?  If a problem with the modem has been ruled out, what else could it be?

I should add that the phone is connected directly to the modem.

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  • the new modem translates into no voicemail, and all my phone settings went away

    Are you saying that after you received a new modem, you could no longer receive Cox voice mail and your other Voice Tools phone settings changed?  A new modem shouldn't have changed any of that.  Were you able to set up your Cox voice mail and other phone settings on Voice Tools again? 

    I got another (New) phone and it is still happening

    The new phone would seem to eliminate your phone from being the issue.  If you haven't done so already, you should contact and have them give you your ticket number to facilitate future tracking of your issue.  Include a link to this forum thread in the email.