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Phone Number Porting

Have had AT&T for many years but recently moved and new home isn't serviced by AT&T.  Decided to move to Cox phone as already have TV and internet.  Want to port over existing AT&T number (still tied to old address as haven't moved yet) but was told at the Cox store this couldn't be done as AT&T doesn't serve my new home.  This doesn't make sense as if AT&T served my new home i wouldn't have been looking to move.

Need to know how i can port my old landline number to my new Cox phone service.

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  • Hello, based on what you're describing, it could be possible the representative at the store was referring to the different rate center. The government has set-up "rate centers" or geographical areas for phone numbers. If the rate center for the previous address does not match the rate center for the new address, then the active AT&T telephone number cannot be ported over. We can look into this further and see what can be done to assist. If you're interested, please send this over to, and we'll be delighted to assist further. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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