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Nomorobo set up and verified. No calls blocked

Please help. My Nomorobo is set up and verified by Nomorobo.  Everything is in order.  They have called to day it is enabled.  But it is NOT working.  Cox refuses all responsibility/.  I have to contact Nomorobo. I have done that 3 times. They say they will get back to me.  They havent. Everything is done correctly and that is verified by both  Cox and Nomorobo.  I am getting all my calls....10 just today.  I am at my wit’s end.  Please help.

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  • I entered my own and got the message that it was already protected and i should enter another one

    Hmm?  You were initially setting up Nomo in your Cox Phone Tools, mistakenly entered your Cox-assigned telephone number...and it responded with the number is already protected?  That doesn't make sense.

    ...or did you enter it on Nomo and it said it's already protected.  That wouldn't make sense either.  How long have you had this number?  Is it new?  Perhaps someone already registered it with Nomo.  Interesting.