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Nomorobo set up and verified. No calls blocked

Please help. My Nomorobo is set up and verified by Nomorobo.  Everything is in order.  They have called to day it is enabled.  But it is NOT working.  Cox refuses all responsibility/.  I have to contact Nomorobo. I have done that 3 times. They say they will get back to me.  They havent. Everything is done correctly and that is verified by both  Cox and Nomorobo.  I am getting all my calls....10 just today.  I am at my wit’s end.  Please help.

  • Is your number listed as Protected on your Nomo account page?

    I read the setup instructions and it's kinda vague how to initiate the Protected status.  It's step 7.  The previous step (6) instructed to test your phone from your Nomo account page...which you successfully did...but to let your phone ring 3 times.

    "You will immediately receive a call letting you know if everything is setup correctly.  Please pick up the phone after the third ring."

    I wonder why it's 3 rings?  Did you wait for 3 rings?  Then in Step-7, it reads (after waiting 3 rings), "Your number will now be listed as Protected."

    Also, on your Nomo account page, is there an option to enable or disable Nomo?  That seems like an essential feature if you're waiting for a critical call from an unknown number and you don't want Nomo tinkering with anything.

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