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Nomorobo set up and verified. No calls blocked

Please help. My Nomorobo is set up and verified by Nomorobo.  Everything is in order.  They have called to day it is enabled.  But it is NOT working.  Cox refuses all responsibility/.  I have to contact Nomorobo. I have done that 3 times. They say they will get back to me.  They havent. Everything is done correctly and that is verified by both  Cox and Nomorobo.  I am getting all my calls....10 just today.  I am at my wit’s end.  Please help.

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  • Are the numbers calling you in the  Nomo database?  You can lookup numbers on their website.

    One of the problems with Nomo is spammers will use an unreported number once.  Meaning, nobody had previously reported the number to Nomo.  If the process works as advertised, a subscriber receiving the call...such as you...will report the number to Nomo.  If Nomo gets enough reports on the number, they'll add it to their block list.  The next time the number calls you, Nomo will block it,

    If you're receiving repeat calls from the number, either nobody has reported it or not enough subscribers have reported it.  However, as I mentioned, the spammer are probably using a number once, switching to another unreported number and calling you again. 

    There are 10 billion numbers for spammers to spoof.  Nomo can't block 'em all.