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Poor and unstable upload speeds

I live stream on Youtube and been having consistent upload speed issues. Doesn't matter what time of day or night it is either. This has been an ongoing intermittent issue where most of the time I get 1/4 to 1/10th the speed. Had 300/10 service, lucky to get a stable 2mbps up. Upgraded to gigi with 30 up, anything more than 3-5mbps up is usually unstable. I know Cox is not responsible for Youtube's ingest servers but even using my phone as a hotspot gets better results.

I've run speed tests (can't use the Cox speed test), ping trace, and monitored every hop. Almost all the packet loss and latency happens before it even exits the Cox framework. I'm also always being routed through the CMTS/Headend in Ashburn which is almost 200 miles away.

Every time support is contacted or a tech comes out it's "must be your hardware". As a former business accounts service tech, I've eliminated any chance that's it's my hardware.

So the question is who do I need to speak with to get this resolved? I'm not asking for always stable 30mbps as I know that's unicorn. Just who to talk to so I can at least get 10-15mbps stable.

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