3rd outage today, what is going on with Cox in Phoenix??

For about 8 years (2013 - 2022ish), COX was rock solid.  Then for the last year, there are outages several times a week.   And today we've had 3 outages in about 4 hours!  There's no information on what the cause is. I tried contacting Cox support (online chat) and actually had the live agent disconnect the chat on me! I wasn't being mean or disrespectful at all, I simply asked why these outages keep happening and what Cox is doing to fix the issue(s) permanently.  That's when they hung up.

Anyone else having similar issues?  Any insight into what's going on in Phoenix?

NOTE: before anyone asks, this is NOT my hardware, trust me.

  • Can you share some data on your problem? Modem? Signal levels? Or were you just looking for rumor? I hear some parts of AZ just got the upstream OFDM upgrade and for a small few it is causing a problem. Did your upstream light just turn blue? Are you losing ALL signal to the modem? Have your checked with neighbors that they are having a issue too?

  • I'm in North Central Phoenix and have been having intermittent disconnects throughout the day for the past couple of weeks (detailed in a separate post) What part of town are you in?