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Cox E-mail unable to send in Outlook

Hi Cox,

I am using Outlook for Mac v. 16.6.  I have always had my cox e-mail installed in Outlook and it worked fine.  When I upgraded my Outlook with my new computer, I re-installed my cox e-mail.  I am able to receive e-mails but not send.  I have called customer service, but after checking the setting in my Outlook, they said that they couldn't help and that I would have to use the online portal to send e-mails.  I was a little dumbfounded since Outlook is a major e-mail program that obviously other people are having issues with.  Can you help?

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  • I didn't know that it was confirmed

    I shouldn't have said "confirmed" as a moderator never posted officially but there was this post and a couple on Reddit.

    What makes it difficult is Cox never officially supported the old Outlook, so they see no reason to support the new one. That is why you won't see many moderator post on threads about Outlook. They see it as a user helping user issue.

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