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Ridiculously Slow Upload Speeds

This problem has been a consistent issue. I am a designer and video producer and I work from my home studio a lot. So this issue is crushing my ability to work from home. On the best day, my upload speeds range between 10 -13 MBS That is the "BEST" offered. over the last year intermittently I get upload speeds from literally 0.0 MBS to 0.3 MBS. The fact that it kicks on and goes the advertised 13.0 for several days and then crashes to the slow speeds does not suggest hardware issues. 

This situation has become unbearable I mean honestly I would just drop this service in lew of a better alternative but Cox is the only option available to me at this location. Every time I talk with them they want to upgrade my service which I did once and NOTHING improved. I refuse to throw more money for upgrades when they can not even manage to produce the minimal standards they are already supposed to be delivering.

If anyone has a suggestion please help me. This is actually hurting my business.

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