Post Ida Daily Internet Disconnects but No TV Interruption

I'm like so many others in the Louisiana area that continue to have daily internet interruptions which prevents both my wife and I from working at home as well as my daughter being able to trust that she can have internet access for her online classes. I understand that extensive repair work was required and a week or so after the Hurricane, service was restored with intermittent outages for both internet and Contour TV but for the past 2 weeks, when the internet drops out, my Contour TV service does continues without a problem.

Is anyone else in the Baton Rouge Metro market experiencing the same.....just internet and not TV? Or could this be specific to me? Prior to the hurricane, I didn't have these problems and I've checked the connections at the pole where the coax goes underground to my house and the connection at the grounding block where it enters my house....all tight, no visible damage. Also checked the connectors inside my house and reset both the modem and router multiple times. Before calling a service tech out, can anyone confirm they are losing internet only and not TV? If so, I figure it is still due to repairs but in not, its time for a truck to roll.

Modem signals/'levels are basically the same after the hurricane as they were before the hurricane.........but the internet service is no where near the same!!!

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  • Very similar issues here in the New Orleans (Metairie) area - TV works uninterrupted, but our upload speeds drop to zero intermittently. I am certain that Cox is aware that there are large outstanding issues, but the current "fix" seems to be to send a tech out. My supposition is that they have jammed too many people onto the same node after the hurricane to restore some semblance of service. Our service can work fine for a while with normal speeds, but the declines are almost always around times when you would expect heavy usage (after work, evening, first thing in the morning).